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Student Educational Tours in Australia & New Zealand:
Global Adventure Consultants is a reputable Singapore based educational travel company specializing in the planning and facilitation of quality student educational tours in  Australia and New Zealand.  Our student educational tours provide carefully selected activity programmes and hands-on opportunities that are designed to nurture students creative talents and provide an environment for effective learning to take place.
We are one of the 9 MOE approved agents for Panel B (Australia and New Zealand)
Our student educational trips are not tours, they are learning expeditions!
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Student Educational Tours that Provide Unique Learning Opportunities:
As former educators, we understand your students and their needs. On our student educational tours, we work closely with the teaching staff to meet the trip objectives and address specific learning outcomes. Each student educational tour combines unique learning opportunities with exciting activities.

Student Educational Tours Tailored to Your Requirements:
We can organize anything from formal educational tours with field trips and lectures to "school camp" style trips with fun activities and sightseeing. If you have a special interest subject, we can tailor student educational tour itineraries to suit your requirements. Our experienced staff will provide your group with a quality, affordable, life-changing trip. Contact us today to discuss your student educational travel requirements

Our Extensive Range of Student Educational Travel Tours:
Our extensive range of student educational tours includes:
• Geographical, historical &/or cultural studies of a destination
• School exchange & language immersion programmes
• Community service projects
• Teambuilding & leadership courses
• Opportunities for interaction & exchange of ideas amongst peers

Student Educational Travel Tours to New Zealand:
This year we have 2 student educational tours to New Zealand planned. The first trip is designed for primary age children and focusses on first-hand experiences in science and social studies. The second student educational tour exposes students to the cutting edge business techniques and innovations that have New Zealand leading the world in entrepreneurship. For more information about both of these student educational tours, see Student Educational Tours to New Zealand

Safe & Exciting Student Educational Tour Itineraries:
At Globe Adventure Consultants, we pride ourselves on understanding the educational needs of students and planning safe and exciting student educational tour itineraries. We can be contacted at sales@globaladventure.com.sg or  telephone us on (65) 81395207/(65) 93374936  for a quotation on a student educational tour. We look forward to hearing from you!



Expose students to learning journeys outside the classroom

Authentic, practical, first hand experiences of the physical and human environment


Introduction to the Natural Environment

River Systems, Volcanism, Erosion, Weathering and Coastal Processes


Human Impacts Related to Land Use

Tourism and Coastal Settlement

Immersion in the Maori Culture

Sustainability and Conservation Practice 


Adventure based activities/Experiential Learning


Environmental Surveying and Monitoring at the Estuary

Measurement of River Gradient, Velocity and Discharge

Exposure to Innovative Practices

Engage in Experiential Learning

Learn How Ordinary New Zealanders engage in Innovative Thinking to

Create Successful Products like the Blokarts and the Zorball

Problem Testing with Momentum, Velocity and Force

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