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Global Adventure Consultants Pte Ltd specializes in the following Destinations : 
For Corporate Groups :
Thailand, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket, Khao Lak
Indonesia: Padang, Bali, Tanjong Pinang
Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City/Hanoi/Sapa/Halong Bay    Peace Brings Treasured Travel to Vietnam            
East Malaysia : Kuching, Sabah
Hong Kong : Kowloon, Lantau Island (Disneyland gala dinner)
Corporate Retreats : (for min group size of 20 - 350 pax)
  • Reward your employees for a year of good work  - incentive trips, gala dinners/D & D held overseas 
  • Wrap up a year's work through reviews and workshops (half day or full day meetings) 
  • Foster closer ties amongst staff members through team building activities                      

Depending on your budget, our experienced consultants would be able to tailor on a package that best meet your needs.  For more details see Corporate Group Travel and Tours

For Student Groups : (min 20 to go)
North Island New Zealand
Melbourne Australia
Embark on a learning journey educational travel tour together with us at Global Adventure!
Educational Trips (New Zealand/Australia only)
Interdisciplinary Approach towards Learning : Geography/History/Social Studies/Maths/Science/National Education
School Exchange/Immersion/Twinning Programme
Community Involvement Projects
Innovation & Entreprenuership
Please contact us at (65) 81395207/(65) 97467173 or email us at for a quote.
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For more details, see Education Group Travel and Tours
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Cheaper Travel: 8 Tips for Getting There on a Budget

by Datepad

With the economy in decline and no end in sight, many people are seeing their bank accounts shrink and their travel options dry up. But tightening the belt isn't necessarily the same as not having any fun. Travel is one of the most enjoyable things of life; just because the economy is bad doesn't mean you should have to change your internet dating profile byline from "travel nut" to "too broke to leave home."

By simply planning on a smaller (less luxurious) scale and following some of the tips below, you should still be able to travel this year... and fit it easily into your budget.

1. Plan far in advance. If you try to plan a vacation only a month or two ahead of time, you're going to pay much higher fees for travel, hotels, rentals cars, etc. When you wait too long to reserve a spot at your favorite destination, you'll pay heavily for it. Start planning at least six months ahead, before all of the best deals are snapped up.

2. Wait until the last minute. Okay, this seems to be the exact opposite of the advice given above, but... it's just as valid. If you don't have the time or ability to plan ahead, think about going on a last-minute trip instead. Have your bags packed and ready to go, and watch for last-minute (cheap!) deals on travel sites and with travel agencies. The only hiccup? You have to be ready to leave immediately, and be very open about where you want to go. There won't be much choice!

3. Search for holiday apartments. A new trend in travel is the vacation or holiday apartment. These apartments are generally rented by the night or the week by their owners, and are a terrific way to save money. With vacation apartments, you get more space and amenities for less money. Plus, as most come with a full kitchen and dining area, you'll be able to save a ton of money on meals, as well. Eating out is expensive; with a holiday apartment you can really trim you budget by eating most meals in your own kitchen.

4. Go in the off season. While some locations are pretty unpleasant during the off-season (think 24-hour a day rainstorms), most places are almost as nice in the off-season as they are during the peak. The weather may be cooler, but the cities and sights empty of tourists; making them, if anything, more pleasant. As a bonus, you can get great deals shopping for off-season vacations, getting as much as 75% off the peak season rates.

5. Tune your car and your driving. If you plan to get to your destination with a car, be sure to have it tuned and looked over first. Having your car break down in the middle of nowhere is expensive and stressful. Be sure to fill up the tires to improve your gas mileage, and drive to conserve gas rather than to get there faster.

6. Allow for unusual hours. When flying to your holiday destination, you might find that some flights are cheaper when arrival or departure times are a little unusual or inconvenient. Go for them! Sure, it's a pain when you have to leave your home at 3:00 in the morning for a 5:30 a.m. flight, but your bank account will thank you. And after all, you can always sleep on the plane.

7. Skimp on the hotel. For most vacations, the point of traveling at all is, well, seeing the place itself. You don't go to Paris or San Francisco or Niagara Falls to sit in your hotel room all day. You go there to experience the city and the culture around you. Which means that the hotel is one of the first places you can look to save money. It's also the place where you will probably save the most. Plan ahead, and look at some hotels that you might otherwise pass by.

8. Don't worry about your wheels. Too many travelers are picky about what kind of car they rent on vacation. Don't be. You don't need a fast or flashy car for a trip through the wine country; you simply need something with wheels and a roof. Choosing an economy car instead of a full size can save you hundreds... and do you really need a sun roof and iPod dock for the radio?


About the Author

This article was written by Shawn Wilson, a member of the customer support team at Datepad, where internet dating is always free. Datepad has a massive directory of informative dating articles along with a great list of dating site reviews on their dating blog.


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My Trip to Singapore, The Lion City

by LanceThorington

Singapore is like your typical urban city. Here, you can see a lot of skyscrapers and apartments but the difference here is that Singapore is cleaner and more orderly. In fact, you can rarely see a policeman wandering around the streets. At the same time, Singapore is quite convenient to tourists because the local people here are quite used to them.

We went to a lot of places while we were in Singapore and believe me, I think we were able to tour around the whole city by bus, taxi and, of course, the Metro Railway Train (MRT). It can take a few times to get used to using the Singaporean MRT but eventually, we got the hang of it. Also, transportation here is a bit different from ours because the steering wheel and the pedals are located at the right hand side of the vehicle. And the people here are used to walking on the left side of the path.

Here are some of the places that we are able to visit during our stay in Singapore:

Sentosa - Visiting the Sentosa island is a must for every tourist as it has a museum that orients tourists about the history of Singapore. We also tried the Skyride that led us to the beach in which I had mixed feelings about it because of my fear of heights. Nevertheless, I was able to conquer it and I was even able to get some pictures of the beach where we landed. Afterwards, we had a fabulous dinner at Ami Resto in Sentosa where I had fish chips while my friend has Chicken Tandoori. And then, we enjoyed the laser show where a story unfolded. The story was about a princess who was put under a curse and left her there sleeping until Lee, the protagonist, with his friends were able to wake up the beautiful princess.

Merlion Park - Standing majestically in Merlion park is the Merlion statue that spews off water continuously. At the same time, this tourist spot gives you a wonderful view of the harbor where this country has one of the busiest ports in the world.

National Orchid Garden - If you are an orchid fanatic, then, this will be your favorite place in Singapore. They have a lot of orchids of different varieties and color that are definitely a treat for your peepers.

Chijmes - Chijmes is a combination of shops, restaurants and others that are located in a building that used to be a church. There, we stopped by the Maids Cosafe where the waitresses were dressed as maids, of course. Unfortunately, we were there in the afternoon so, we weren't able to get the chance to see Chijmes in full swing as it becomes lively at night.
Fountain of Wealth - Our next stop was at the Suntec Convention Center where we saw the massive Fountain of Wealth, which is also a tourist spot in Singapore. It was only unfortunate that the water flowing in this fountain was shut off but nevertheless, the architecture was really nice.

Chinatown - We had to ride the MRT in order to reach Chinatown. So, we went to the City Hall Station and then, got off Dhoby Gut intersection. Then, we rode the MRT going to Chinatown. Some stores are offering souvenirs such as key chains and dresses while others are offering food. Here, I got to buy watermelon seeds and sausages.

I also got key chains and lip stick holders for giveaways back home.
Jurong Bird Park - Think of Jurong Bird Park as a big aviary where you can see multiple types of birds from pelicans to vultures. Here, we got to ride the Panorail that gave us a view of the birds in display. I also got the chance to see some the penguin expedition, birds of prey show as well as the famous birds show. The birds here did some awesome tricks such as flying through hoops and playing basketball.

Bugis Village - Bugis Village is a market that offers all kinds of merchandise such as food, clothing and souvenirs. Here, we got a taste of sausage wrapped in roti prata, which is like pita bread, and kaya, which has two varieties. One is like a pancake while the other is like wafer sticks. Both has mongo filling in them.

Clarke Quay - Clarke Quay is located along the riverside, which is busy, especially during night time. There are different restaurants here such as the one we tried, the Lotus Grill and Restaurant. I ordered barbecued ribs with fries, which I enjoyed very much.

All in all, for me, going to Singapore is worth the money, the time and the planning I spent on it. If I do get another chance, I will definitely come back to Singapore.


About the Author

Lance Thorington's is an online publisher. His articles have been syndicated on many web sites, blogs and ezines all over the Internet. On the search for cool travel destinations and luxury beach vacations? Take a look at

Best of Bangkok For First Timers

by gsmyth

Bangkok is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world. As a convenient location for stopovers, a growing destination for medical tourism, and a city that has a beautiful climate, year-round, this is hardly a surprise.

The city has had amazing tourist numbers for so long that now that choices can be overwhelming! Which Bangkok airport hotel should I stay at? Which temples are the best to visit? Which shopping districts have the most authentic wares, or the cheapest, or the most Western styles at the best prices? Which massage is the best sort to have? Bangkok can be overwhelming for first timers, so here we look at the best of the busy city.

The first thing you'll need is a place to stay, and there are a few truly great airport hotels in Bangkok. The new Bangkok airport is Suvarnabhumi, and the Novotel Suvarnabhumi is the ultimate in luxury here even the location feels like pure luxury, being able to roll off the plane directly into a plush, tranquil bed only 400m away!

The Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel in Bangkok is set far away enough from the city that you can relax at night-time, away from the crowds and noise of the city. The spacious, clean and beautifully designed grounds, as well as the luxuriant king size beds with high-thread count sheets at this airport hotel in Bangkok are a great start your Thai adventures.

The shuttle to get to your airport hotel room is free with Novotel Suvarnabhumi, to top it off. If you are on family vacation, there are rooms available to accommodate all of you, as well as a handy car rental desk in the lobby so that ou can easily escape! A highly recommended hotel at Bangkok airport.

If you are looking for more budget style accommodation for your Bangkok airport hotel, Queens Garden Resort is a great choice. The in-house massage service is one of the highlights of the hotel, while the location is somewhat further from the airport than Novotel, but still extremely convenient.

The river and temple are close by, and the in-house restaurant has great views of the river. Rooms at this hotel near Bangkok airport are comfortably appointed, freshly and cleanly styled.

Once you've reset your psyche from a long plane trip, you can begin soaking up the uniquely Thai atmosphere in Bangkok. Your Bangkok airport hotel will be around 25 minutes from the city centre, and if you've made use of massage facilities, fitness centers or swimming pools at your airport hotel in Bangkok, you'll be ready for some action!

The MBK Center in Sukhumvit Road is a great place to start. For those that always discover what they've forgotten to pack only when they get to their destination, it offers the perfect opportunity to restock - and go a little further! The shopping center is 8 storeys high, and contains 2000 shops. They sell clothes, DVDs, cameras, handbags, and all at prices that seem ridiculous to Westerners.

South East Asia's largest mall, Central World, is in Bangkok also. However, if you have had enough of fluorescent lighting and crowds, the outdoor markets offer a chance to shop in more of a true Thai way.

Opposite Central Mall is an undercover market called Narai Phrand - traditional Thai jewelry, clothes and crafts are sold here, along with a surprising and refreshing lack of electronic goods and other 21st century trappings.

If all the walking has been a bit much, there is no need to head back to your Suvarnabhumi airport hotel in Bangkok for a massage or sauna. You can combine two uniquely Thai experiences at Wat Pho temple. This is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and is also known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.

The Grand Palace temple is just opposite Wat Pho, and is much more popular - but therefore much busier. The foot reflexology massage will probably be your choice for tired, shopped-out feet, although the full body traditional Thai style massage certainly makes you feel that you've had an authentic Thai experience!

Complete your day with a refreshing dip in the pool at your Suvarnabhumi airport hotel in Bangkok, for a well-rounded Thai experience for first-timers.


About the Author

The Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel is a 4 star hotel 10 minutes away from Bangkoklargest International airport. The five-storey atrium, merging the elegance of polished stone and marble harbours the main lobby and 6 individually themed restaurants and bars.


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